Developments & Roadmap

Lush plans to monetize its AI models via 2 main lines of businesses.

Lush Chat - In House OnlyFans Platform

The 1st line of business involves directly catering to men who are looking for a virtual companion. This will involve the build out of our own OnlyFans-like platform that is directly integrated with Lush's in-house AI tech stack. Main functionalities that will be developed include content sharing, private messages, recurring subscriptions and gift payments.

This enables us to:

  1. Retain full ownership of all platform and user data, which is essential to the process of training our AI to improve content generation as well as intimate conversational ability.

  2. Have direct control over the full user experience, enabling us to optimize and refine the user workflow based on our unique offerings.

  3. Avoid onerous identity verification processes that traditional platforms like OnlyFans would require.

Lush Network - A Decentralized Marketplace for AI Models

The larger vision at play here is for Lush to utilize blockchain technology to create a decentralized network that will host AI models for anyone to permissionlessly interact with. Digital artists will be able to deploy their AI model creations to our network and then monetize them by allowing end users to create their own content via the Lush network, in essence creating a decentralized marketplace for AI models. This of course includes Lush's own models, which will be deployed onto the Lush network, opening them up to all sorts of use cases beyond the singular vertical of OnlyFans. You can think of the Lush Network as a blockchain based version of Civitai or Huggingface. At this point, we have moved beyond the $50 Billion influencer & modeling market to the $1 Trillion global advertising market.

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