Lush AI Companion

Let's recap the important ideas discussed in the previous sections.

  1. Men and women place emphasis on different qualities when looking for a viable partner in the sexual marketplace. Specifically, men value traits such as youthfulness and physical beauty.

  2. Information age technology, globalization, and income inequality are causing an exponential rise in the percentage of men who cannot find success in the traditional sexual marketplace.

  3. OnlyFans/Instagram/TikTok models and similar "occupations" have experienced an exponential increase in demand because men are turning to the digital realm to satisfy their needs for feminine attention, companionship, and sexual gratification.

The question now is, can we provide a better product/service to serve this growing market demand?

Enter Lush

Lush aims to develop fully autonomous AI companions to serve the growing population of people who are turning to the digital realm to find romantic and sexual partners.

Our AI companions are quite literally mathematically trained to be of the highest quality when it comes to physical attractiveness. However, it is not only about physical beauty and sexual gratification, otherwise OnlyFans would not nearly be as popular. After all, there is an infinitely large catalog of free pornography already available on the internet. What men crave (in additional to a physically attractive woman and visual sexual content), is the ability to connect intimately with someone.

Continue on to the next section to learn more about Lush's technology.

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