Rise of OnlyFans

With our analysis of the sexual marketplace complete, we can now see OnlyFans for what it truly is - the free market's response to the needs of the exponentially growing market of men who have been displaced from the traditional dating market.

Value Proposition of OnlyFans

To put it even broadly, we can include Instagram & TikTok models together with OnlyFans girls in the same category, the category being actors that monetize feminine sexuality in the digital realm. This can be done in a direct fashion (i.e. OF girls selling nudes and pornography), or more commonly in an indirect fashion (IG and TikTok girls posting sexy content in order to garner a mass of male followers, which they then monetize via sponsorships and endorsements). Regardless of the approach, they nonetheless all serve (and monetize) the same legitimate need in the sexual marketplace: the exponentially growing population of men who are being excluded from the traditional dating market are now turning to the digital realm to satisfy their needs for feminine attention, companionship, and sexual gratification.

It is important to emphasis the phrase from above: "actors" that monetize feminine sexuality as opposed to strictly "women". As will be discussed in the next sections, Artificial Intelligence can and will fill that role. In fact, we are already halfway there. You think you are talking to that popular OnlyFans model in her private messages? More likely than not, you are instead talking to a group of virtual assistants in the Philippines that she has outsourced her chatting to, who are running through detailed chat scripts and sending you pre-uploaded porn content from a Google Drive folder. Morality and judgement aside, the "user experience" from the perspective of the end user (the male subscriber) is the same as if he was talking to the actual OF girl - he is getting feminine attention and sexual gratification, needs that he is unable to satisfy in the traditional sexual marketplace.

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