Each A.I. model undergoes an intensive training process, whereby individual body parts, including the face, are repetitively fine-tuned throughout the course of multiple epochs. This ensures that the model will produce consistent results across a wide array of different poses, lighting, background environment, etc.

After this process, we can generate an essentially infinite catalog of hyperrealistic image and video content that can be distributed across social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, OnlyFans, and more. For example, you can prompt the AI to show "[Insert AI model name] outside in nature, standing looking at viewer, wearing crop top and yoga pants" or "[Insert AI model name] in the dark looking back seductively at viewer, topless, underwear, stockings"

Our AI models will never age, never fall out of shape, and can produce content 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. Compare this to the tedious process that a real human model needs to go through in order to set up the photoshoot, travel to the location, assemble the wardrobe, hire a photographer, and then take hundreds if not thousands of photos in order to get the best looking one, not to mention simply maintaining enough motivation to continue to be in the business (the average duration of an OF model is only a few months). You can begin to see why Lush's AI models are a 10x improvement over your typical human OnlyFans/Instagram/TikTok girl.


While the visual component is the focal point of Lush's AI models, there are other important elements that go into creating the ultimate AI companion, namely AI-powered speech. As discussed in the Rise of OnlyFanssection, it is already a common practice for OnlyFans models to outsource conversations with their fans to low cost virtual assistants, often located in lower income countries such as Vietnam or the Philippines. These VAs then manually run pre-planned chat scripts and send the fans pre-uploaded porn content. The inevitable next evolution is for specialized AI that are trained on intimate chat scripts to replace these VAs and fully automate the conversation process.

Speech in the digital realm can take on multiple forms, including written text, audio, as well as video. Whatever the form, the underlying need is the same - an uncensorable and permissionless LLM that can be trained for the specialized purpose of engaging in the art of intimate conversation. Due to the sexualized nature of this use case, traditional LLMs such as OpenAI's ChatGPT are certainly not fit for the task, as it would go against their Terms of Use. This is where our partner enqAI comes in. They are working on producing a uncensorable, permissionless, and blockchain native LLM that we can integrate into our AI companions to fully automate intimate conversations. Moreover, they have a working text-to-audio tool that is able to produce audio in any voice if provided a text input. This will give another life-like dimension to our AI companions.

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