$LUSH Token

Ethereum CA: 0xdc247546a6551117c8ea82db2cc0ad6e048e5f6e

$LUSH is the utility token of the LushAI ecosystem, which includes 2 main lines of businesses. As we monetize Lush's AI models through our in house OnlyFans platform and eventually develop the Lush Network, the $LUSH token will remain as the singular focal point. In the context of the Lush Network, our decentralized marketplace for AI models, $LUSH will serve as the gas token of the blockchain network.


Total Supply: 20 Billion

  • Additional and/or Cross-chain Liquidity Provision: 6 Billion (Locked)

  • Team Allocation: 3.17 Billion (9 month cliff; 9 month linear vesting)

  • Marketing & Incentives: 3 Billion

  • Project Development & Fundraising: 3 Billion

  • Early Contributors: 2.2 Billion

  • Ethereum LP Seeding: 1.23 Billion

  • Airdrop Allocation: 1 Billion

  • Treasury Allocation: 0.17 Billion

  • Advisor Allocation: 0.23 Billion (linear vesting over 6 months - 12 months)

3%(Buy)/5%(Sell) Tax to fund project development, which will be incrementally reduced to 0% over time as the project grows

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